About Us

At yueqiqi.com, we present and celebrate Chinese Romance and traditional craftsmanship. 

The founder, Yueqi Qi, graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2018 from the knitwear pathway. She previously worked at CHANEL in Paris as an embroidery designer. During this time, she designed textiles for CHANEL, DIOR, BALENCIAGA and GIVENCHY. Since graduation, she has had her designs featured in Sicky Magazine, VISION, DAZED, Hunter Magazine, Schon Magazine and Wallpaper Magazine, and had her clothes worn by Arca in her and Bjork’s collaborative music video, arisen my senses. The most notable collaboration was having the Purple Cage from her BA collection worn by FKA twigs in her music video with A$AP ROCKY, F*** Sleep.

In 2019, we debuted our  first collection with LABELHOOD during Shanghai Fashion Week SS20.The Joss Paper Jewelry collection was inspiredby the Chinese ghost marriage ritual from the ancient folktale, Butterfly Lover. It is a tragic love story between Liang and Zhu. Their love was not approved by their parents but they made a sacred vow to each other. Their union was short-lived as Zhu’s parents arranged for her to marry a wealthy merchant. Liang’s health deteriorated until he became terminally ill. He died while serving as a county magistrate. While visiting Liang’s grave on her wedding day, his grave opened up with a clap of thunder and without hesitation, Zhu threw herself into his grave. Their spirits transformed and emerged in the form of two butterflies.

In 2020, we  investigated the traditional aesthetic between modern city and traditional culture, and debuted our AW2020 Collection 'The Town of Silver and Jade'. In this collection, jade beads are used to express the sentiment of old luxury. They are not real jade, but a memory of jade. A bead clad woman standing in a room with no furniture, where is too cold in the winter, too hot in the summer but the owers would still bloom if they were planted. This season focuses on hand crafted accessories to bring luck and remind the wearer of home. The silver represents the skyscrapers and modern cities that were built upon the farm land. The jade represents Old China and the countryside where they hold onto fast river jade like it were the lifeline to a golden age they never witnessed. The collection is an homage Chinese craftsmanship and a time when the country valued quality and precision over speed and volume. The Chinese hot water bottle purse provides a source of warmth and comfort in an otherwise sterile cityscape.